Official commemoration of the Pub without Beer

Official commemoration of the Pub without Beer plaque

Australia  1788-1968
-Commemoration of the Pub without Beer-

To commemorate the late Dan Sheahan (1882 – 1977) and site of the old Day Dawn Hotel.

On a midsummer day in 1943, Dan was unable to buy a beer at the Day Dawn Hotel as the pub‘s kegs were empty because it was drunk dry by US Forces from the 22nd Bomb Group en route to Port Moresby in the early hours of the morning. Shortly after he penned a poem “The Pub Without Beer” which was published in January 1944 and years later formed the foundation of Slim Dusty‘s record hit “The Pub with No Beer”

Dan was a pioneer of the Herbert River District and was known affectionately as ’the poet from line pocket”.

A Bicentennial Heritage project unveiled by Shaun Sheahan Dan’s eldest son on 17th December, 1988.